• Sometimes you find it difficult to open few unknown file formats with some unknown extensions.
  • Or sometimes you might not have a specific software installed on your PC like Microsoft Office of Adobe Photoshop to open some file and view it.
  • If you are facing any of the above issue then the below listed software program will solve your issue.
Windows File Viewer is a simple program which is available for free that helps you to view any file with almost 100+ different file extensions.This make your job easier to open files with some strange formats because every PC might not be having all basic softwares installed.

What is File Viewer?

File Viewer is a universal file opener that allows you to open any file on your Windows PC. Simply drag and drop any file or folder onto the application icon or program window. File Viewer can open PDFs, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and many other common file types in their native view. It also can play dozens of audio and video file formats.
If you have a unknown file, File Viewer can open it! In the rare case that File Viewer does not natively support the file format, you can still view the contents of any file in text or hexadecimal view.

Steps to Get Started Using Windows File Viewer:

  • First go to Windows file Viewer Official Site
  • Then Download the software program from their site which is for free.
  • Once you download the software program install it on to your PC.
  • After the installation is finished you will notice File Viewer shortcut Icon on your Desktop.
  • Just run it to get started using File Viewer.
  • Now just drag and drop the file which you want to open via File Viewer.

Some More Features of Windows File Viewer:

  • Can open upto 140+ different file formats.
  • Works perfectly on all the windows OS like XP,Vista,Windows 7/8 as well.
  • You can check the various file formats it supports over here
  • It also plays videos of different formats with a single drag and drop option.
  • You can Open Documents,Play Multimedia Files,View File Information,Copy File Data.
  • You can view the files in 4 different views namely Native View,Text View,Hex View and Icon View.
  • Do check out the Complete Features of Windows File Viewer

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